Terms and conditions of APS operation

Despite the fact that the operation of APS is dealt with by our experienced administrators, application maintenance is done by the customer who therefore takes over the responsibility for some aspects of server operation. The most important conditions of using an APS server are introduced below. Breaching these conditions may lead to termination of the service.

  1. All necessary software licences installed on an APS are maintained by the customer at the developer or distributor of the application. We are not involved in the process of purchase of an application.In case any software is installed by ACTIVE 24 and it requires agreeing to software developer's terms and conditions, the end user authorises ACTIVE 24 to agree to these terms and conditions in their behalf.
  2. The installation and update of applications are always performed by a special user account, the so-called admin account, which is the only account that has sufficient authorization. This special account serves only this above-mentioned purpose. It is prohibited to use this account for running the hosted applications. Logging into this account is monitored.
  3. It is only allowed to install applications that have been ordered. Potentially, it is possible to install other applications once they are approved by ACTIVE 24. If these conditions are breached, ACTIVE 24 reserves right to uninstall any unauthorized software without warning. As providers, we are not liable for the content of an APS, nor for correct licencing of all the applications being run on it, with the exception of applications that are part of the APS service.
  4. Each user has to have his own user account to access the application with. It is not allowed to share accounts between users. ACTIVE 24 is not responsible for any damage or loss of data in case a user loses the password to his encrypted drive. In case of loss of password, all data is irreversibly lost.
  5. On installation of the server, ACTIVE 24 ensures that the server is properly secured and that all necessary security updates and patches are applied. Updates released after the installation are installed by customers themselves via their APS admin account.
  6. ACTIVE 24 is responsible for the uninterrupted operation of the application server as well as its uninterrupted accessibility form the internet. The APS service is part of the Guaranteed service quality programme and customer is entitled to discount off the regular operating costs of the relevant service. Application servers are monitored online and system administrators are able to address a potential problem immediately as it occurs, 24/7. Customers may also contact the customer support which is available 24/7 if they find a problem with availability, stability or application server performance.
  7. ACTIVE 24 performs a daily backup of the entire server, including its operating system - resulting in so-called server image. We keep the backups for 7 days. However, these are only security backups to be used in case of system crash. Application data has to be backed up by each customer individually.
  8. If an application or system crash occurs as a result of the unprofessional use of the special account, ACTIVE 24 does not bear any responsibility for downtime or possible loss of data. In such case, server recovery from the last available backup may be ordered for the usual hourly rate of ACTIVE 24 technicians.
  9. ACTIVE 24 provides the customer necessary access rights to install and update his application of choice based on updates allowed by the licence agreement. The recommended way to install and maintain an application is to have employers of application developer (or its trained partners) perform any installation, updates and upgrades of the application. ACTIVE 24 is not responsible for licencing of the used software, nor for any possible problems resulting from an application update. However, we can restore data from last available backup and revert APS to previous working version.
  10. ACTIVE 24 is not involved with questions and queries about the application itself. For this purpose, the customer should use contacts provided by the developer or distributor of the software used.