ACTIVE 24 server solutions will be appreciated if you require higher guaranteed performance, you need individual settings or you want to run applications other than web sites on the server.

Do you want to test service operation on ACTIVE 24 servers? We will be happy to prepare the selected server solution for you to test. Please contact us via e-mail or activate the available trial version directly.

Virtual managed servers (VMS)

Servers with secured management

from 23.79 € without VAT per month

Applications servers

Third party systems are operated on Application servers

from 47.59 € without VAT per month



If the virtual server's monthly traffic is less than 100% of the proven ACTIVE 24 blame, you can claim penalties against us.

Monthly server operation lower than 99,93 % 99,70 % 98,81 % 95,26 % 90,52 %
Outage higher than 32 min 128 min 512 min 2 048 min 4 096 min
Discount on monthly fee 5 % 20 % 40 % 50 % 100 %


Sanctions can not be applied to the following server downtime  - A failure of some of the network or application services for which ACTIVE 24 is not responsible.

- Adopted server or network infrastructure maintenance by ACTIVE 24 is conducted at a time that minimizes the customer's standard operations and in the shortest possible time (usually at night time after midnight).

We count the total duration of all outages longer than 10 minutes into the monthly sum of the server outage. The virtual server discount is always deducted on the invoice in the next billing period.

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