The best professional templates in WordPress – how to select them and where to buy them

WordPress content management system offers countless free templates and extensions. However, if you expect more from your site and do not want to have a customized programmer's template, you will sooner or later consider buying a paid template. Moreover, paid templates are usually not expensive, they are easier to set up, and their creators are happy to help with any adjustments. What professional template to choose? Which templates have a really simple setup and how to choose a paid template without making a mistake?

After successful installation of WordPress, an important decision awaits every user - what should the resulting page look like and how will it perform? When making decisions, it is important to think about a few basic points.

Choose templates appropriate for your site theme

The specific purpose of the site is important. The search engines are also interested in this purpose. The purpose and quality of your website are being evaluated as important SEO factors. If it is a blog, it should provide interesting content and be easy to read. Speaking about e-shop, the site should be comfortable to purchase and its structure (content layout and buttons) should be in one line with this purpose. So it is not surprising that an e-shop and an internet magazine will look different. It is therefore good to choose a template exactly from the start, depending on what the resulting page will serve.



There are premium templates that have multiple layouts and scenarios ready (magazine, e-shop, blog, corporate site). The purchased template is therefore directly optimized for several different uses and it is possible to choose which layout the user prefers at any time after installation. Likewise, there are countless templates on the market that are designed for just one scenario, for example, for creating a real estate catalog or online magazine. The chance of finding a specific template for your project is huge because of the size of the wordpress community.

Think of important page features when selecting a template

Do you know in advance that the site will serve as an e-shop? Then choose templates for compatible for e-shop with the e-shop plugin WooCommerce. This will save you a lot of worries and expenses associated with eventually looking for a programmer to customize your template. The Czech market is not very big, so you will not be able to do without the basic knowledge of English when searching for professional WordPress templates.


Pages with premium WordPress templates:

MyThemeShop – More than 150 templates and plugins from one creator with a sophisticated setup and editing system

Theme Forest – Thousands of templates from different developers, quality is different, but you will find everything here

In case you are looking for a template for ordinary corporate pages, terms such as "business" or "company" are relevant. The ideal search term on the search engine or directly on the template page will beWordPress business template“.

The real estate agency would use the term "real estate template" in the search example to find templates that provide the property catalog function with the ability to search and filter.

The event planning cultural center will appreciate a sophisticated calendar right in the template, and will look for a "WordPress event page template" where most of the first position results include templates with an integrated calendar.

What is the price of WordPress templates? Even the professional ones do not break the budget, user ratings may reveal a lot

Most of the paid WordPress templates on the market range in prices around tens of dollars. The most popular templates verified by thousands of users can be obtained from CZK 450 to about CZK 1,500 (prices are mostly calculated in USD).

When purchasing, pay attention to the length of support provided by the creators, limits to the license - how many pages it can be used for - and, last but not least, to user ratings. It is the user review that is a great way to find out the satisfaction of others with the template and to verify its quality. Developer support and therefore the ability to download a new version of the purchased template is most often for a year from the purchase of the license.


Of course, you may come across significantly cheaper and more expensive templates. If they have a good rating and fit your ideas, there's no reason to avoid them. However, you will often find that higher prices do not necessarily indicate higher quality. Template catalogs often give you various discounts. With some luck, some of the templates you look at will be at a discount.

Professional WordPress Templates with Simple Settings? Rather rare, but they can be found


There are several groups of developers on the market whose templates are not only tuned but also sophisticated to be easy to edit for end users. In practice, you can create a web page quite easily even without programming knowledge.

Vyhlášené jsou co do jednoduchosti úprav profesionální WordPress šablony od vývojářů z MyThemeShop. The simplicity of editing professional WordPress templates from developers from MyThemeShop are renowned. Their templates excel with a simple and clear page editing interface. The price of templates is not high, and those who are more active in creating websites will appreciate the ability to purchase all developer templates as part of an annual subscription for a reasonable fee. Of course, you can also buy individual templates where the price is in the order of hundreds of crowns. The advantage is that all MTS templates sold have identical administration and are easy to set up.


However, there are also those that look good, but their settings are a suffering. There is nothing better than a personal experience - it is a good idea to click through any demo versions of the site administration (if possible), or at least look into user reviews


Envato Market with their Theme Forest is a proven platform with a giant selection of templates. It is a marketplace with WordPress and other templates and plugins. It is not a specific developer, but an internet marketplace, a big e-shop where you can choose between thousands of different templates and extensions. In particular, the Avada, X Theme and the well-known Enfold are very popular.

Since there are templates from different creators on Theme Forest, their quality and way of setting also differ. So it is good to filter again by popularity and user rating.

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