Website with one click

You can create a website yourself, and like millions of people around the world, you can use popular editing systems such as WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla, or Drupal. These open source tools let you build a classic website, blog, discussion forum, or ecommerce using templates and plugins.

Our webhosting plans Complete, Firm, and Expert on Linux OS can be created directly with the pre-installed editing system of your choice. You may also install them additionally just with one click in our Customer Center.


Choose your publishing system


With WordPress, you can create websites, even if you have no previous experience in web development. WordPress is simple to use, creating your website is very quick. We are ready to help you with WordPress settings.

3.56 € with VAT per month (2.99 € with VAT)



WooCommerce is an extension of the WordPress publishing system for creating e-shops.

3.56 € with VAT per month (2.99 € with VAT)


is a content management system for web development that is more complex than WordPress, but simplier than Drupal.

3.56 € with VAT per month (2.99 € with VAT)


is a comprehensive tool for creating and managing large websites.

3.56 € with VAT per month (2.99 € with VAT)


You will simply create your own discussion forum with this system.

3.56 € with VAT per month (2.99 € with VAT)